#5 – East Africa, A Part of Me

Instagram changed the way people interact, but it also changed how we capture the world around us. Today I stumbled across photos that I took while working in East Africa. Seeing them brought on nostalgia, and no “blog” could represent me well without them. A lot of these photos were taken pre-Instagram so they’ve been buried by time.

Most of these were captured with my iPhone.

This lady approached my car window during a stop at the local market
Ruaha National Park, Iringa, Tanzania
Jumamos, coffee farmer, Tanzania
Masai warriors as security guards in Zanzibar
My neighbors. Lucy is on the left
The best coffee in the region took about two hours of driving up crazy steep terrain to get to from my home
I lived in the small home with the water tank in the lower right corner of this photo. Running up that mountain was my “gym” everyday after work
16 of these coffee bags = 1 metric ton, or 2,204.6 lbs.
In awe, on a safari
My parents, on a safari while visiting
Cows on the beach?
Hubert Mtui and I surveying coffee trees
Different day, same team
Coffee farmer, home brew
Lake Matema, Malawi
Notice the scars. If you’ve been to my home, you may recognize this one
Motorcycle polo on the weekends
Neighborhood cleanup
Deep in Masai territory
Coffee cupping in Rwanda with Rwanda Trading Company
Working with a group of farmers to build a coffee processing facility in their village
typical lunch at the office

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