#9 – Bitcoin, Decentralized Applications, and Internet 3.0

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#8 – This Is My Story, but it Ain’t About Me (Part 1)

My late great grandmother, Grandma Maude, stood over 6 feet tall. She was a strong woman and spent a lot of her early life picking cotton on plantations in the delta, between Mississippi and Arkansas. Unfortunately, I don’t know much else of her story, but I will learn it. My great grandmother Maude raised anContinue reading “#8 – This Is My Story, but it Ain’t About Me (Part 1)”

#2 – On Virtues & Benjamin Franklin

Last year I was gifted a badass leather copy of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. I thought it was a cool book for the shelf, but Frankly (ha), I wasn’t that excited to read it. I assumed whatever ‘ole Ben had to say back in 1750 was probably not-so-relevant to my life in 2019. Fast forward sixContinue reading “#2 – On Virtues & Benjamin Franklin”