#1 – Who am I?

I’m going to start writing. I’ve always appreciated creative expression, and lacking any cool artistic skills, the medium of pen to paper/ essay style writing has always been my go-to. I will write to encourage growth through transparency and accountability.

I love meeting new people. Sometimes.

Eventually, upon meeting someone new, we inevitably hear this question:

“What do you do?” 

When I hear this, I’m not sure if its out of genuine curiosity for my job, someone trying to nail down my income, or if its just a superficial and polite means to converse. Regardless, it doesn’t feel like a good way to get to know me at a deep level. Most people would argue that they are not defined by their occupation.

I don’t want people to think I have no mutual interest in their life (I do!), but surface level conversations leave me feeling bitter – my thinking is that I should have spent that time doing something else, for example, being around people who I actually enjoy or honing a skill or craft.

So when the time comes for me to ask about someone I’ve just met, I choose to ask, “Who are you?” It took me a while to realize it, but this question shocks people when they hear it, like, did I mean to ask that? Yes. You heard me correctly.

Most people have a hard time answering the question, “Who are you?”. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it your job? Your race? Is it an experience that had a lasting impact, or is it your favorite hobby? Is it all of these things combined? Is it more?

Taking an hour or two each week to share will help me define, “Who I am”, while also acknowledging that my life and my perspectives and the world around me are constantly changing.

Cheers to the new year and all of the unknown ahead. Cheers to defining Who We Are so that we can accept our purpose and move fearlessly towards it.




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